Schools in Bury St. Edmunds and Surrounding

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Rata Mon 12-Feb-18 13:48:16

Good afternoon smile

I am moving back to the area after some years away and need some help and advice with regards to primary schools.

At the moment our children are in an excellent school and I am worried about moving them from such a happy environment that suits our needs. However, the situation is such that we need to move back due to an ill relative.

Currently the school the children attend offers all the best bits of state and Steiner. There is a great emphasis on learning the three Rs through play, creating and baking, as well as the usual methods. The school is very conscientious of the children's needs and is very holistically child focused. Will I find another school similar to this in Bury, or near-by?

We shall be living centrally, but are happy to do a bit of travel for the right environment for the children.

Any advice or insight into the local schools very much appreciated.

R x

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