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Twickenham School Update

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jelibabe Sat 10-Feb-18 16:00:22

Hi - I have been following the threads since 2012 on what was Twickenham Academy - now Twickenham School under the new leadership RWST, headed up by the Heads of Teddington and Waldegrave. I have 2 DS, Yr8 & Yr10, and when we had to choose a secondary school for my 1st son, because of location we had no choice but to go for TA. Turing had not been set up by then and their "catchment area" ruled out anyone on the Whitton side of A316, which is ironic now if the school ends up over in Whitton. We are not very religious family either so were not about to pretend just to go to a church school either. Didn't feel right to cheat the system. However, after these past few years having gone through the change of TA to Twickenham School with my sons I can happily say, hand on heart, the school is amazing. We are so happy with how the leadership team and especially our Head, Ms Ruse (ex-Waldegrave Deputy Head) have thrown themselves 200% into improving the school. Everything in the school has and is still being transformed, discipline was one of their 1st priorities, dealt with superfast, as well as working hard the Yr11s at the time to enable them to succeed in their GCSEs. Now there is such a huge push on studies and ensuring the students are achieving their best whilst introducing reward schemes, school trips, individual recognition for working hard and as a result instilling pride in the students. The quality of teachers at the school now are the best I have ever come across. The children no longer feel they are in an under-achieving school, which is so important for their confidence and progress! Do not discard this school. I urge you to arrange to visit the school, meet the Head and make your own independent decision. Twickenham School no longer befits the old reputation from the days of Whitton School or Twickenham Academy. This school will steadily improve and surprise us all a lot sooner than sceptics think!!

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