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Moving to Wiltshire

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RGL11 Wed 07-Feb-18 13:59:54

Hello, I am new to Mumsnet and seeking some advice on the villages in the Pewsey Vale. We are seeking to move here (from London) by September and may rent whilst looking to buy. Are there any particularly lovely villages? We have driven around the area a few times. My husband will commute to Paddington from Pewsey so we can't be too far from there. Any tips appreciated, I have 3 boys aged 8 and under so school recommendations also would be helpful. Along with are there local football/rugby/tennis/cricket activities etc Many thanks

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PinkleP Mon 16-Apr-18 12:58:12

HI there
I'm probably not much help as we are moving there ourselves this summer so I am a total newbie as well - terrified about leaving London and stepping into the unknown! We are hopefully moving to Manningford Abbots - 2 miles or so from Pewsey - ditto for the train as husband will commute. It seems like a really friendly area, pretty and rural but also well connected. We are sending our youngest (who is 9) to Woodborough Primary on advice from friends and it seems like a really friendly lovely school. I think houses west of Pewsey seem cheaper than on the east side - if that's any help. Good luck! Sport wise - again, not personal knowledge but gleaned from friends and estate agents! - cricket club in Wilcot, tennis club in Pewsey. Not sure about football but loads going on.

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