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Moving to Broadstairs

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ukeboxbaby Tue 06-Feb-18 22:35:32



We are thinking of moving to Broadstairs as we like the look of Haddon Dean school as well as the beaches. We have a baby and a school girl.
Is there stuff to do for mums and babies in Broadstairs?

How safe is Broadstairs at night?

How safe is Margate to visit for baby classes or evenings out?

How easy is it to meet other mums?

Any info on the place you could give would be so, so helpful!


Drycleanonly7 Tue 06-Mar-18 09:04:33

Broadstairs is a very safe at night. There's a great Baby Sensory place there. It's very family friendly. A lovely park. What do you like about HD School. Its inspection report is not good.

palmbaydos Wed 07-Mar-18 18:58:09

Hi, Haddon Dene has had another inspection recently and is now rated as Good by Ofsted. Also 75% of their pupils pass the Kent test. It is a lovely little school, my DS4 has been there over a year

TheExamStartsNow Sun 15-Jul-18 21:12:21

As poster above says, it is rated good. And actually, I'd encourage anyone to visit a school, get a feel for the teaching staff and pupils, plus chat to other parents before putting all your decision eggs in the Ofsted basket! I'm a teacher (at another school) as well as a parent, and can tell you that i take Ofsted reports with a tonne of salt.
The school has a great rep locally, I'd urged you to take a tour and meet the head. I was undecided on private education but visited a few schools. In Haddon Dene, the pupils looked me in the eye and smiled, they were confident and polite. The class sizes were small, and the teachers and pupils were so engaged in their lessons. Made my mind up in minutes, and have never regretted my decision. The kent test pass rate is testament to the teaching standards, considering it's an inclusive, non selective school.

Redballoon79 Sat 11-Aug-18 11:00:12

Hi ukeboxbaby,
Just wondering whether you made the move and how it's going? We are going to explore the area tomorrow. We both commute a few times a week but want to live by the sea and Broadstairs is a good option as the beaches are sandy and the schools are good. I hace a 9mo and 3 yo. Any tips would be much appreciated.

Door44 Sun 09-Sep-18 23:17:40

I think the best piece of advice I could give you in regards to whether or not you should move to Broadstairs, is to go and look on the Kent Police website. There you will find a local crime map with all sorts of eye opening information and crime statistics concerning the area you wish to search. For example it tells you how many bulgarys, violent related crimes and sexual crimes were committed in a certain month. It also tells you of the hot spots and where to avoid. It's here you will get a more truer picture of what life is like somewhere. I hope that helps.

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