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moving to Lundwood and Cudworth

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fkam18 Mon 05-Feb-18 14:43:21

Hi, I intend to buy a house in a quiet self contained drive in between Lundwood and Cudworth of Barnsley East, while some online blogs suggested to avoid these two villages by all means.
I walked around Cudworth high street, the GP, and the library they seem alright in day time. Then drove over to Mont Bretton a pub there for a drink and with very nice people there too.
There's also new built in Lundswood.
Just wonder if there're locals there who can shed some light?
My main concern is safety but at least in day time I feel alright though it's just a day or two I toured around. Would I be expecting frequent burglary and arson crimes?


dragonara53 Tue 06-Feb-18 22:20:59

I live in Cudworth, never had a problem. Now Lundwood is a different place altogether, no way would I live there.

fkam18 Mon 12-Feb-18 14:53:49

Thank you. Is Arundell Drive in between Cudworth and Lundwood alright?

dragonara53 Thu 15-Feb-18 23:24:20

Yes the nearer to Cudworth the better the area. I wouldn't move to Lundwood for a gold pig. It's full of no hopers and trouble causers. It's a very depressing place.

fkam18 Thu 15-Feb-18 23:45:07

Yeah, thks for the tips. Heard from Barnsley Chronicle there're people throwing bricks to buses, and frequent arson incidents.

Wonder if the area, any dog walking park and community centre that are safe to go?

dragonara53 Sun 25-Feb-18 21:55:27

There is a park in Cudworth, its not bad. There's a fenced off bit for little ones to play and the rest for walking round, a lot walk dogs there. There is a nice community centre and the Library has things going off in it as do the Churches. The brick throwers are in Grimethorpe and I've not heard of arson in Cudworth apart from an accident something to do with faulty electrics. It was my stepdaughters friends mums house.

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