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Anyone with a daughter at Nottingham High School

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Ang69 Sun 04-Feb-18 14:15:47

Hi all, my daughter has been offered a place at Nottingham Girls School and also the High School. My DH is keen for her to go to the High School as they have great results and are co-ed. I am a bit more on the fence as while the High School looks great I'm concerned that there are so few girls there as yet. Does anyone have a daughter there already or are considering sending her there? She would be going into year 7 in September 2018. Any info would be really appreciated.

Nottsmove16 Thu 08-Feb-18 13:20:35

Hi- congrats to your daughter for getting places at both!
I have a daughter at Nottingham girls high school and we love it! From the moment she started she has been happy every single day and comes back buzzing with all the fun things they do. There is a school dog, lots of outdoor learning, enthusiastic and innovative teaching and an ethos I think is healthy and inspiring.

They encourage attributes like courage, kindness and empathy, resilience and creativity. The facilities are amazing and seeing tiny 5 year olds performing totally unphased in the new multimillion theatre complex was fab!

The sporting facilities are being modernised with fantastic new pitches/ athletics etc being planned. My daughter loves the climbing wall and assault course in the woods.

I feel that my daughter is exceedingly lucky to have the opportunity to go to school there and her happiness is priceless.
I have been very impressed by the senior leadership team and the head of senior and junior schools are fantastic. - They seem very clued into to how girls learn best and how not to pressurise them which can turn them into anxious teenagers... ( although they came top in county for GCSE results !) - I think girls put themselves under enough pressure and trying to reduce perfectionism traits and inspire a have a go attitude is great.

As you can tell I love the school- happy to answer any questions about it- ( although can't comment on much on specifics of senior school as my daughter is still young. )

Nottsmove16 Thu 08-Feb-18 13:28:14

Re results this year NGHS did better than the high schools at GCSE I think and things will fluctuate from year to year so I would visit both and get a feel for them/ speak to the head etc. See where you think your daughter will be happy as if she is happy she will thrive. I think some years of the high school have 10 girls out of 100 ish type ratios so ask for exact numbers.

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