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Popcicle123 Fri 02-Feb-18 08:53:05

We will be moving to Cumbria shortly. DH has a job mostly based at cleator moor. He's happy to do up to an hour commute. Looking for advice on where to start looking. Have 2DC aged 5 & 8. What somewhere with good schools but mostly somewhere friendly. At the moment I live in a neighbourhood where kids play out & are in & out of each other houses. It's a mediumish town with a mums Facebook page where everyone asks questions/advice about almost anything. I'm hoping a similar type place exists somewhere in Cumbria.

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Fitzsimmons Mon 05-Feb-18 23:05:30

Hi there, I've just seen your post. Have a look at Cockermouth, it's out of the national park so house prices aren't ridiculous but it doesn't have the deprivation issues that Workington and Whitehaven have. The primary schools are great, with Fairfield being listed as one of the best in Cumbria for SATS results. The secondary school is very good as well. There's lots of family friendly events throughout the year and it's a ten minute drive to the nearest Lake. I think Cleator Moor takes about half an hour?

Fitzsimmons Mon 05-Feb-18 23:06:31

@Popcicle123 thought I'd tag you as your original post is a few days old

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