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pinguina Tue 30-Jan-18 11:50:54

any current views on Brighton College v Brighton and Hove High School? I have a DD in Y5 and starting to look at options. Would love to hear from parents of DC in either school. Why did you choose it/how did you prepare for entrance test/are you happy with choice? Any views appreciated. Thanks!

brightonlucy Wed 21-Feb-18 12:19:32

I have a daughter in year 9 at BHHS - she joined at year 7. It has it's pros and cons - I wouldn't choose it again if my youngest was also a girl.

Pros - it's small, friendly, safe, some of the teachers are really great, the girls are lovely, my daughter has never been bullied or seen it happening. Almost all her friends are local and live in Brighton and Hove.

Cons - lack of choice of GCSE subjects, I think it is old fashioned in it's choices, they have dropped DT and I can see IT going the same way, it's so under-subscribed. Some of the teaching is average at best (but I guess you will get this at any school) some is really great - science and English stand out for me. If you have a daughter who is very into humanities or wants to learn subjects like Latin or classics, they have a great Latin teacher. But if you have a daughter who may want to go a less common route and would benefit from more facilities and variety of subject choices, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Sport is a bit disappointing too, they do short blocks of random sports and never really get their teeth into anything.

Happy to answer any other questions by DM.

pinguina Wed 21-Feb-18 16:09:58

Thank you for your answer - my DD will go for an open day on Saturday. I have also expressed interest in BC so keeping options open. Did you look at other schools when you chose? How was the entrance test? I have two daughters and need to make the right decision! Thanks again

Starling123 Sun 25-Feb-18 19:02:09

Please also consider Roedean. I have 2 DDs there, they were offered scholarships at BC/BHHS but settled on Roedean - I do not regret the decision!

pinguina Mon 05-Mar-18 14:01:54

Thank you Staling123 - any reason why she chose Roedean?

Starling123 Mon 05-Mar-18 16:17:58

I'm sure all 3 schools are great and we're lucky to have them on our doorstep. From my perspective: BC were too pushy - unnecessary hard sell, BHHS results not great, lack of sports facilities.
In the end we - the whole family - chose Roedean, it's friendly, great results, fantastic sports offer with new astro this year, the grounds are breathtaking (yes, windy at times!) - there's a farm too and the atmosphere was the warmest in comparison to other schools. I now have two daughters there and, although very different, they both absolutely love it. Go to the open days (you've just missed Roedean's but you can arrange a private tour) good luck with whatever school you choose - it really is down to you and your daughter.

MrsFring Tue 20-Mar-18 16:45:13

Brighton College is a fantastic school, can't praise it enough.

Mulberrybaby Wed 30-May-18 19:33:24

I hear that pupils are leaving BHHS in droves... apparently the teachers are teaching subjects that they’ve never taught before.
The Head is very defensive and does not take criticism well and has locked horns with a lot of parents that dare to speak up and they are removing their daughters as a result of this.
The results are mediocre and so are the sporting facilities. The staff have very little respect for her which speaks volumes.
Brighton College and Roedean would be a much better choice.

MrsFring Wed 06-Jun-18 20:24:05

I couldn't agree more. I had a great experience with the Brighton GDST junior school but the senior school is a totally different matter; I know many parents with girls there and have yet to hear a positive comment.

Brighton College is fantastic, an inspiring place.

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