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School run from Woodstock to Oxford?

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JohnHunter Tue 30-Jan-18 10:15:06

We are considering a move to Woodstock with a view to using the schools in North Oxford. Does anyone do this school run or know anyone else that does? Is it a well-trodden path or likely to drive us mad? Google Maps predicts 22-55 minutes, which is quite a big range!

mamaryllis Sat 24-Feb-18 18:27:02

I don’t know anyone who is doing it currently, but used to know older kids who just caught the bus. I have to say that as an employee I cycle, and leave earlier, as the roads are unpredictable. Up to 55 minutes sounds reasonable, but I have known it take longer too.

cakeflower Sun 25-Feb-18 18:51:18

The traffic into oxford in the mornings is usually bad. I drive on school run from wolvercote which is about a third of the distance from Woodstock (the busiest part I imagine) and that can take about 20 mins alone - that’s often using back roads to avoid traffic on the main roads.

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