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Help please: Kingston school with blue and yellow ties?

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teaiseverything Mon 29-Jan-18 16:12:42

Since the schools returned after Christmas, I've had the absolute delight of a group of 8-10 boys pelting through my garden after school every day, screaming obscenities and kicking over my plants. I don't keep well and it takes all my energy to keep the garden looking nice. Today, I finally got out there quick enough to see their uniforms as they were running through (and yell at them) and they were in black blazers and had blue ties with yellow stripes. I am keen to contact the school but can't pinpoint which one it might be even after a Google. Does anyone local perhaps know which school this uniform is from? They could be in last year of primary or early years of high school.

AmazingDisgrace Mon 12-Feb-18 16:58:41

You could have a look at the uniforms pages for any schools nearest to you? Grey Court's is royal blue with a thin white stripe, Kingston Academy's is a thicker blue and green stripe I think. Hollyfield has a blue tie with a thin red and yellow stripe.

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