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Boarding schools with good Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision

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Emilie1 Sun 28-Jan-18 09:25:42


I was wondering whether anyone could recommend boarding schools with good Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision near London or in South East England (mainstream schools).

Our DS has expressed his desire to go to a boarding school at 11 or 13. He is mildly dyslexic but pretty strong in maths and sciences.

Many thanks!


DullAndOld Sun 28-Jan-18 09:27:26

private schools often don't really do SEN.
Have you thought about a state boarding school?

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 28-Jan-18 09:29:00

St Chris in Letchworth would probably be a good fit for him. They are good on SEN.

Luckylondoner Sun 28-Jan-18 10:05:45

Try north Oxfordshire. Sibford, Bloxham and Kingham Hill all have excellent SEN support, great reputations and have a combination of boarding and day pupils. It’s less than an hour to Banbury from Marylebone and then a short drive. We moved in September and our children could not be happier at Sibford where they get amazing support in small class sizes in a mainstream school and have not looked back.

PIINKLADY Tue 30-Jan-18 09:29:30

Try The Royal School in Haslemere, Surrey. It is an independent school which is very proudly and genuinely mixed ability - lots of their pupils go to Russell Group universities and it also has a great SEN department.

ellsybells Sun 11-Feb-18 09:05:00

Have you looked at Reed’s or St John’s Leatherhead? Both do weekly boarding and have fantastic Sen departments especially for mild dyslexia. Do not agree that private schools don’t do SEN. My experience is some of the best dyslexia teachers are in the private sector. Brighton College is another option for a very bright dyslexic.

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