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dyslexia.... need advice/help/support

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angelicablaise Sat 27-Jan-18 17:01:29

Hi, looking for some general advice. My son is 9 years old (year 5 primary) a couple of years ago he was diagnosed with dyslexia after I pressed the school to get him tested. He really struggles with his reading/writing/spelling, the school does not really offer any support. I was called into the school this week for a meeting to discuss his behaviour as they have said he is not concentrating in class and becoming disruptive. I believe this is most likely down to the fact he is finding the work increasingly hard and using avoidance tactics.
I am looking into getting him additional support/tutoring outside of school. If anyone has any advice or been in a similar situation or knows of any good help groups or tutors I would much appreciate it.

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