Greenwich millennium village - NEED REVIEWS PLEASWE

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Patudi Tue 01-May-18 10:46:57

Hi Vikki8
If it’s not too late then I would say GMV is the best location. School wise you have many options. I personally like Halstow but Millenium and one more church school nearby. I can say this with confidence as I am a teacher and have many students coming from these schools.
Nice walking route along thames river, O2 , play area, ecology park etc.. many things for toddlers even a good nursery!!
Hope this helps.

Hannah176 Tue 27-Mar-18 11:28:58

There is a new website called HomeViews - my friend told me about it as it isnt fully launched but they share reviews from current residents about different developments and GMV is on there. could be worth a read. You go to to get in as otherwise you need a login which is a pain

vikkki8 Fri 26-Jan-18 09:35:56

Dear all,
I am looking for buying a flat in GMV. I have a 2 year old son.
what are the pros and cons in your prospective please? the building will be not far from the yacht club.
what can you say about Millennium primary school?
Are there any nice places to go out with a toddler for a walk (like a playground, etc.)
Thanks so much!

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