Granny with love!

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Fi47 Thu 25-Jan-18 22:18:25


Being totally useless at technology, I may already have sent this e mail! Anyway, I am wondering if there is anyone within a reasonable area who wants a granny! I loads of love to give and would love to,find a family who is without a nearby granny.
Best wishes to all,

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Halfpint82 Mon 29-Jan-18 12:05:39

Where abouts are you? Xx

Fi47 Mon 29-Jan-18 16:03:27

I'm in Salisbury and I do drive.
Best wishes

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chocatoo Mon 29-Jan-18 16:05:25

Good luck - wish you lived nearer us!

Fi47 Mon 29-Jan-18 18:00:07

Where do you live?

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ajandjjmum Mon 29-Jan-18 18:40:08

I bet someone would love you to be their Granny Fi - hope they come on MN soon!

Fi47 Mon 29-Jan-18 23:16:44

I'm completely lost now! Are all you mums too far away ? I do wish you all well. There should be a 'granny bank'!!! I'm here to chat if that can help.
Best wishes,


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