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Eaton/Norwich friends!

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misscuppy Thu 25-Jan-18 17:47:05

My family moved to Norwich from London in December and live in Eaton. I thought I’d probably get to know people through the local Eaton Primary School but we had our application rejected just before moving in! We now have a place offered but in the meantime my boys (7 and 10) are at Bluebell Primary which is a drive away so not so near where we live. Can anyone suggest any good groups etc to get the boys to know local children? I work freelance but sometimes have a bit of time during days as it’s flexible. Anyone fancy a coffee and can perhaps give me a low down on the area. I am missing my London pals! 😬

Rene33 Thu 06-Dec-18 22:51:30

Hi, just wondering how you’re getting on at Eaton primary school as my 2 dcs will be attending there soon. Just so difficult looking around for schools. Tia

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