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Where (not) to buy a 4 bed around Ealing Broadway?

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Pinksta Wed 24-Jan-18 12:11:28

Hello all

We are thinking of moving to Ealing having scouted out other areas all over London, liking the community vibe, greenness and availability of both useful and independent shops etc.. We will probably rent first of all to get a good feel for the place then looking to buy within the next year or so. Being within a 15 minute walk to EB station is a must (need central line and, ultimately, cross rail). There doesn't seem to be a whole lot on the market right now so might be a waiting game but I would love to hear top tips on which streets are nice and likes and dislikes about the area. Full time working ma with an 18 month old.


Twobigbabies Sun 11-Feb-18 23:23:34

A lot depends on your budget and the kind of school you're looking for. We moved to Ealing last year and we absolutely love it. The schools and parks are great and there's so much to do for families. We live in Pitshanger which has a lovely high street and great community vibe but this is also true of the other 'villages' in Ealing. If you're not in a rush I'd spend lots of weekends walking around getting to know the different areas and maybe try to get on a few school tours. Maybe try asking in the property section if not much luck here. Good luck you won't regret the move!

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