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Relocating from Paris to Anglesey at 33weeks pregnant

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Cjmk Tue 16-Jan-18 04:29:25

Hi all, husband, my two year old, me and our bump will be moving to Anglesey next month. It's all very short notice...only found out this month. I'm looking for lots of advice/tips regarding where to live, how to go about having a baby in Wales, how to best intergrate etc! So any advice welcome!

Firstly...where would you move to? We have arranged a viewing to rent in Rhosneigr, is there enough to do there for a 2 year old? Are there any local mum's goups/play groups/breast feeding support groups etc? We were also looking at Llangefni. Suggestions welcome!

How is it best to integrate into the local community? We don't speak any Welsh. Should we try to learn a few words or would we just be laughed at? I know my daughter will have to learn at school when she starts...should we start to learn together now so I'll be able to help with homework?

Having a baby in Wales...I have no idea where to start. By the time we love I'll be 33 weeks pregnant so won't have long work it all out. Do I just register with the local GP and go from there?

I'd be most grateful for any info/advice/wisdom you could share!


Ladyglittersparkles83 Sun 28-Jan-18 04:55:23

Hello rhosneigr is a beautiful place a beachy town although not sure about things to keep a toddler amused, llangefni has more to offer as in shopping more local etc but I'd avoid some parts I'd definitely recommend registering with a local gp when you know where/when your moving they can sort you out with midwife that will advise/help with preping you for 2nd little one it should be pretty straight forward, and plus they can point you in the right direction with local groups

Ladyglittersparkles83 Sun 28-Jan-18 05:08:04

Sorry forgot to add i wouldn't stress on learning Welsh straight away Anglesey is bilingual everyone understands English, and depending on where you live some places are more Welsh than others, your little one will pick it up in school and yes maybe learn some words so you can interact with her while learning to make it more interesting for both of you but I wouldn't stress learning quick is necessary x

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