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moving to Cambridge primary school area

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paolop Mon 15-Jan-18 15:51:33

Hello there,
I am relocating to Cambridge with my wife and one kid who is 2 years old now.
I have done quite a lot of reading on line and talked to some rent agents (very unhelpful so far) and trying to find a catchment area where they have a good primary school. Potentially great if is also closer to Cambridge train station (by bike?) since I will be commuting to London once or twice a week. Some place quite, I don't need a busy night life etc. etc.
My budget for monthly rent is £2,000 max.

Any help is super welcome.

NewbyCambs Mon 15-Jan-18 18:39:22


Many of the primary schools are good, in fact I think in Cambridge itself you’re not going to find a bad one. You may want to look at the area off Hills Road, it’s roughly 10 mins walk to the station, not much night life (!) victorian terraces, nice community feel, Blinco Grove, Marshall Road etc, and you would be in catchment for Morley Memorial which ive heard lots of great things about, you would get a relatively spacious house within your budget. Mill Road is often the popular choice but slightly overrated, and the house prices are ridiculous!

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