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Moving to Cornwall in summer. Need advice please!

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WildBorneo Mon 15-Jan-18 14:48:41

Hello everyone, I'm new to this site. I'm a mother of two boys aged 8 and 10 currently living just outside of London. My husband and I and the boys planning to move to Cornwall in the summer and would like to get some advice on places to be and to avoid. We're are thinking of Truro but would like to hear about other areas that is easy to get into Truro and good/safe place to bring up kids that grow up too fast. Somewhere that is safe for teenagers to go out and parents don't have to be so worried sick /paranoid the minute they walk out the door to see their mates in the evening. My husband's stepdad just moved to St.Austell last week.

Thank you and look forward to hear from you all soon. Have a lovely day! x

Hughippos Tue 30-Jan-18 20:18:26


Good luck with your move. I moved to Truro from London last year and am finding it ok so far, though my little boy is only one. It seems safe or at least safer than London! A lot less litter here. There is a bit less going on too though. As they grow older your boys would probably appreciate being in one of the bigger towns with public transport and activities they can get to on their own, otherwise you will constantly be driving them everywhere! Falmouth might be another place to investigate as the train to Truro only takes 20ish minutes but it is a bit more expensive x

Relocating1 Fri 16-Feb-18 10:21:37

Hello Wildborneo
New here too, we are hoping to relocate this year too from Kent. We have looked at Falmouth as my children are 8 & teens so didn't want to anywhere too rural.
Estate agent had mentioned going just out of Falmouth as we would get more space for our money.
Do you have any areas in mind?

WildBorneo Tue 20-Feb-18 11:39:55

Hi Hughippos and Relocating1, thanks for the respond.

We looked at Truro and it's a place where we'll consider to move to and also we will have a look at few other town/city ie. Exeter too. Relocating1 we too live in Kent and like Hughippos said it is definitely safer than London.

Like the idea of being semi rural but having two boys that growing "up too fast" i would prefer to live somewhere where they have things to do. We thought of moving this summer so my older one can start secondary school there but considering it's too short time for us so we might have to put the move on hold. A lot to think about!

Look forward to hearing about your progress! xx

Lucinder Sun 10-Feb-19 04:30:05

Penzance is actually quite buzzy nowadays - Falmouth; large student population wealthy ish, Redruth (getting better gradually) St Ives - Arty and seaside, Truro is main town - used to be more cosmopolitan now more straight, wherever you go - public transport is not fantastic like Londons - buses are hourly or every few hours and not many run in the evenings - go somewhere on both a bus and train route - learning to drive as a teen is essential if it can be afforded! Enjoy - it's beautiful on the moors and beaches , cleaner air and the people as a rule are welcoming and friendly.

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