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Moving to Montrose looking for advice

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Rumandginger Sat 13-Jan-18 22:42:51

Hello, this is my first post on MN. Myself and family are moving from Bournemouth in England to Angus. Currently looking for work in Dundee and Angus area. We visited recently and liked Montrose as a possible place to live. We will be renting a flat at first. I'm really just looking for some friendly advice about the area and in particular about local primary schools and nurseries. My eldest will be in p2 from September '18 and youngest will start nursery some point this year or next depending on our working situation. Nothing is set in stone yet, so any advice is welcomed. We are making the move as I have family in Scotland and we love it. We are tired of the pressure financial and otherwise of our lives down south and hoping for a more peaceful life and in particular a smaller school with less pressure, we like the Scottish school system, in theory at least! Any other advice regarding places to live and things to do would be really appreciated!

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