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Moving to Birmingham from south

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Doloress Sat 13-Jan-18 15:15:19

Me, my partner and our 3 years old twins live in Bordon (Hampshire). My partner got a job in Birmingham Ambulance. We'll be moving in March. I checked properties on Rightmove in Bournville, Selly Oak but I don't know what to do with school. Girls will be 4 in May so they are on the list to reception ( in the area where we live ). We are going to move in March. How can I find school places for them?

BackforGood Sat 13-Jan-18 16:51:56

Here is the school admissions information, but the deadline for first applications to Primary is on Monday, and you can't apply until you have an address.

All that said, Birmingham is a really young City, with 46% of the population (of 1.2 million people) being under 30, so there are LOTS and LOTS of schools. Wherever you live, you will be within reach of several Primary schools, so there is no need to panic. There are loads of dc admitted to schools who haven't been able to apply by the normal deadline.

Once you have an address, then you phone School Admissions and Appeals and then take it from there. There are lots of us in Birmingham on here, and seem to have been a bit of an influx of people asking for advice on moving to Birmingham over the last few months, so it might be worth your while looking at one or two of the other threads in 'Local' for more information too.

Ask away, about anything else we can help with smile

Doloress Sat 13-Jan-18 17:30:30

Thank you. It's a new situation for us so I am little bit panicked smile

THXin1138 Mon 23-Apr-18 09:52:48

Did you manage to get your twins in to a school?

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