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13 year old stopped eating

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jemsmammy72 Thu 11-Jan-18 19:37:37

I dont know where to start. My 13 year old daughter has stopped eating at school. She had some online comments a few months ago calling her fat etc. but we got over that.

Shes so slim to start with and now the weight is just falling off. Ive had her to the doctors once who gave her iron tablets as her levels were very low. Shes complaining she feels full all the time but how can she if she isn't eating. Most days its one bowl of cereal and teatime maybe a dish of pasta (if I force her). Nothing all day in between. School work is suffering. She just started high school in September. Ive tried removing phones and ipads but its not having any affect.

I am on my own at home with her and its making me so unwell. I am constantly on anxiety medication anyway so this is really causing havoc with my health.

Any help/advice or suggestions would be very very welcome because I am literally hanging by a thread !!

Thank you

123bananas Thu 11-Jan-18 19:47:30

You need to go back to the GP again to get a referral to specialist help. Punishing her will not help, instead talk with her about what is going on for her emotionally (in general not just regarding eating) and like you are doing encourage her to eat with you for the other two meals so you know she is getting something in the day.

This info from NICE explains the care and treatment you should expect.

milkmoustache Thu 11-Jan-18 19:51:11

I would also advise contacting Beat, the national charity, and talking to them on their helpline. I used to work there, and they have brilliant people who can give you lots of support and information, I think they are fantastic. A lot of the volunteers have been parents in your situation, and can really help.

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