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Choosing between St Mary's and Marlborough primary schools.. help!!

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RainAndRoses Thu 11-Jan-18 14:01:55

Hi mumsnetters. We have to put in our primary school application THIS MONDAY and I am still very unsure what to do. We are very new to the area and trying to decide between putting St Mary's or Marlborough first. From what I can tell, they are polar opposites!! Part of the issue is all the schools here seem genuinely great (incl. if we don't get allocated to one of those two), so I don't actually think there is a right answer. We just might have very different experiences at each. Anyone on here made a similar decision / how did you decide?? Thanks smile

sugarruthie Sun 15-Apr-18 21:58:11

Hi RainandRoses, only just seen this thread. How did you get on with your application? You should find out next week. Tomorrow I believe. We have recently moved to Falmouth and in the same situation. I put St Francis and St Mary’s down. Hope you get the school you want.

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