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Mamaem3 Mon 08-Jan-18 07:57:04

Hi I am moving to Salisbury in the coming months and am starting the search now for schools. I have a 2, 5 and 8 year old. I am looking for advice on schools. Although mine are currently still in primary school. My focus is to be near good secondary schools with the view that hopefully we can then find a decent primary school that semi feeds into the secondary schools.

I am English and have lived in Nigeria for 10 years. My DD's have been in a UK private school in Nigeria. My DH is British Nigerian.

I have been looking at South Wilts school so want to know any feedback on this school (I know it is a grammar and so we would have to address the 11plus) I would like to know if anyone knows the best primary school in the area (state not private) to look at as I heard somewhere that some primary schools have lessons at south wilts if you DD is gifted in science or maths (not sure if I have made this up... but vague memory of a conversation about this)

I also want to know if anyone has any DD's in st Edmunds and any views on this school. I see they have a good not outstanding off sted report.... any thoughts?

Just advice in general on which primary schools are great and have links with either of these schools if possible.

Any advice and thoughts are appreciated and welcomed.

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Ojoj1974 Fri 12-Jan-18 20:44:38

Salisbury Cathedral School have an Open Day on Friday 23rd February and 19th May do go along and have a look.
SCS is a coed independant Prep School educating children aged 3-13yrs.
It is wonderful school that treats each child as an individual. Nuturing, offers high standards of education , musical and sporty. Plus its in the most stunning location in the Cathedral Close.

Mamaem3 Sat 13-Jan-18 11:46:03

Thank you for your response. Am interested in any information on State schools not independent schools

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Barbara1956 Fri 09-Mar-18 15:52:02

St .Marks and Harnham have always been good for getting their pupils ready for the 11+ and into the Grammar Schools. My daughter attended SouthWilts and has done very well, as have most of her cohort.

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