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New to Penarth, any advice, recommendations and up for meeting??

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OJBmum Thu 21-Jun-18 23:26:07

How are you finding Penarth?

OJBmum Wed 13-Jun-18 23:07:29

I'm moving to Penarth.
I have a football crazy 5 year old son. Are there any football clubs around?
Also looking for Swimming classes?
Possibly scouts or gymnastics too.
Advice on schools Sully has one space - does anyone else do Penarth to Sully school run.
Really would appreciate some

roseyposeyshmosey Sat 28-Apr-18 09:21:03

there's a group on Facebook called cardiff family walks. someone on there will usually organise a meet up, some where lovely and in or close to cardiff/penarth. lots of them are mum's through the week with their little ones.

there's also a group called cardiff mum's, great for finding out local info and things like that.

NewtoWales22 Sat 28-Apr-18 09:15:06

Hello! I'm guessing you have probably given birth to your third child by now. I am also new to the area, and pregnant with my first child. I am in a similar situation given that I have also left behind my social life, and finding it difficult to meet new people as I work from home.

I would definitely be up for meeting for coffee, I live about 20 minutes away from Penarth. Please do message back if you are still feeling sociable and not too busy with the new baby.

GinSling82 Sat 06-Jan-18 00:29:45

Hi, we are very excited to have just moved to Penarth! I have a 4 yr old DD, an almost 2 yr old DS, and I'm nearly 30 weeks pregnant with baby no. 3. We've moved from London and I'm now on mat leave so I've left behind my previous mum-life and usual social life and starting from scratch! A little daunting with another baby on the way!!confused DD is due to start pre-school in the next couple of weeks so hoping to meet some other mums that way but would love some recommendations on what's on and where to go with 2 small children. Are there any good playgroups? Child friendly cafes? Good softplays? Anyone out there fancy meeting for coffee?? Thanks for any tips! grin

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