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First birthday party venue - HELP

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MancUnicorn Tue 16-Jan-18 00:50:38

Only just seen your post and don't really know if this is helpful or not, as I'm not used to Glasgow, but I know back home there were several parties held in some churches. Churches that have a spare area that is used for things such as Brownies and Guides will sometimes let you hire a bouncy castle and put out a buffet for the adults. I know that's what a lot of my brothers friends have done anyways. Obviously if there is drinking I am not sure how they would respond.
Hope you've either sorted it already or it gets sorted soon! x

pyjamapyjama Fri 05-Jan-18 16:05:38

I am actually going slightly insane with planning my son's 1st birthday party. I'm looking for a venue around southside glasgow/paisley/Renfrew, around 25 adults and 6 kids.

I just literally want a room with tables and chairs, provide my own food, can decorate it myself with balloons etc. Maybe a few soft play toys or bouncy castle but now essential as my son has 5000 large toys that I could bring to make a little play area (there will only be 3 kids under 3, the rest are 7ish). But this seems to be impossible and it's all "such and such cost per child, a minimum of 10 kids" but to be honest it's not that kind of party!!

The reason I initially didn't want to host it at a soft play or something was because I knew not a lot of kids would be coming and it'd be more adults - just wanted a place to celebrate his birthday with all the family in a space big enough to hold us!!

Can anyone recommend anywhere before I actually lose my mind?? Thank you in advance blushgrin

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