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New Children's Classes

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lumilieslearningworld Fri 05-Jan-18 15:37:41

What a wonderful place this is I have just stumbled across.

I have been an Early Years Creator and Provider of unique children's immersive learning classes for over 15 years. I have nurtured and harnessed young children's early formative skills in English language and communication, French, music and movement, exercise and mindfulness, through an array of eclectic music, resources and strategies that are bespoke to my programmes and classes.

Since taking time out from work due to health issues, I have used that time to consolidate all the techniques and strategies I have applied over the years, into a one stop class, incorporating the best of all my teachings, to create a new Children's Developmental Class using my trademark character.

I would appreciate your thoughts and interest in such a class. This is the link to the FB and Twitter page and I am soon to complete the website. Classes are due to start in Feb and as what is now a start-up, I would appreciate all and any exposure to attract interest and parents.

Also please feel free to share the links as I too would be happy to share links for any of your children's services.

Thanking you all

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