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Frodsham v Hartford

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knparker Fri 05-Jan-18 14:44:06

Hi there,

We're looking to move from SW London to Cheshire to be closer to family and have narrowed our search to either Frodsham or Hartford.

Does anyone have any advice on either area - good or bad - to help us decide which to focus on?

What are the schools like? Are they oversubscribed/difficult to get a place? My daughter starts school in Sep so am panicking that there'll be no place for her as we won't be able to apply until spring/summer by the time our house sale goes through.

What are the good areas to live...which are the ones to avoid! Got a budget of around £300k for a 3+ bed house.

What's Greenbank like as an area - it seems to be part of Hartford but is it distinctly different?

Hartford seems to have about 3 shops! What's Northwich like as that would be the nearest shopping/entertainment area?

Any advice would be very gratefully received!

Kate x

Pippinfi Sat 13-Jan-18 09:29:09

Hi Kate, I have also looked into Hartford and Surrounding areas recently. A friend of mine sends her daughter to school in Hartford although she lives in a neighbouring village as she felt the schools were better there. The school she goes to is Ofsted rated outstanding and she seems happy there. Green bank to me was not as attractive as Hartford and seemed a little run down,so I didn't search too much around that area. Another friend lives in Chester and recommended Frodsham as a lovely area to live, for me it was too rural as needed to rely on public transport but otherwise would of seriously considered it. Dagenham which borders Hartford also looks nice and seemed a little bit cheaper. We had a similar budget to yourself and their were some beautiful Redrow houses being built in Hartford but also other decent sized 4 bed detached houses. Hartford also seemed to have quite a lovely villagey feel with a community barbeque going on at the church hall last Summer which everyone seemed to attend. We've now moved our search more towards Chester but really think theres a lot going for Hartford as some lovely shops/cafes around there and lots to do locally for young children i.e Blakemere village and Stockley Farm. I really hope this information is of used to you,good luck with the search I know it's not easy when you have no clue about the areas your looking at.

knparker Sun 14-Jan-18 00:05:24

Thanks for your views...very useful! smile

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