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Moving from London

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MrsM19 Thu 04-Jan-18 09:09:04

Hi, we're planning to relocate back to the North from London and looking at Beverley as a possible location. The houses/area that I'm looking at would mean the kids go to either Keldmarsh or Beverley Minster primary schools. Based purely on the websites I'm thinking Keldmarsh would be my preference but does anyone know either school? thanks, xx

Tobdoc Tue 09-Jan-18 07:06:18

My child is in Beverley Minster Primary School.He loves it.Lovely friendly atmosphere .Teachers are supportive .
Hope the move goes well for you.
Beverley is a great place to bring your children up.The secondary schools are excellent too

MrsM19 Fri 12-Jan-18 12:04:28

Oh lovely to know - thank-you. Fact finding mission planned for Feb half term so if you spot a slightly harassed looking women dragging 3 cockney kids around behind her it'll be me!

Tobdoc Sat 13-Jan-18 04:10:47

Is your half term 10-18 February?Currently I think I might be about then so let me know
The tourist information office is now located in the library( great for kids )- you should call them and check out activities suitable for your kids when you're in Beverley .There is a great cinema too ( you can bring your own sweets and crisps in- bonus for children).There are so many things ( dance academies/drama companies/scouts etc /football teams/leisure centre with fun inflatable sessions during weekend and holidays) and lots of decent restaurants here .
We lived in Scotland for 4 yrs so my 5 children know what its like to move about too. They have made friends very easily here in Beverley

MrsM19 Wed 17-Jan-18 16:17:51

Oh cheers miss. All sounds perfect. We're up 14th - 18th Feb and although we're going to also head up to West/North Yorkshire for a look I suspect East will be where it's at.

Thanks for the top tips. We've booked in to Ogino for a meal but any other recommendations gratefully received!

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