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Antenatal/hypnobirthing South Manc/Trafford

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numbertwoduejune Thu 04-Jan-18 00:36:03

Can anyone recommend antenatal or hypnobirthing type classes in South Manchester/Trafford please? Eg Stretford, Chorlton, Urmston, possibly Didsbury, Sale

Number two on its way, didn’t have a great birth experience last time and wanted to try something different (did NCT last time which was great in some ways but so far removed from my actual birth experience!).

Liked the look of Daisy Birthing but the local teacher seems to be on mat leave herself.

Thanks in advance.

ApolloniaC Tue 26-Jun-18 04:46:12

We drove from Worsley to Chorley birthing centre for the birth of my second. 20 minutes up the m61. They had 4 pools available and ready, wonderful midwives that were not ran off their feet, and a lovely calm environment. We wanted to avoid Salford/st. Mary's/Bolton at all costs!! The birthing centre is minutes from the motorway. I'd go there again in a heart beat!

zanuda Wed 09-Jan-19 17:08:45

ApolloniaC, curiosity out, why you didn't want st. Mary's?

happytoday73 Sun 13-Jan-19 21:24:32

It's worth asking your midwife for suggestions or ring the midwife lead unit.

A former midwife taught my hypnobirthing class in Manchester (Saturday classes) but it looks like she has retired. I also went to a lovely Thursday evening stretching/relaxing class with my second that was quite hypnobirth like... they will have contacts im sure. it was in a hall on edge of a park in Didsbury...... if can track down will add too this post...

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