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Ice Rink Party?

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xyzandabc Wed 03-Jan-18 21:55:59

Just wondering about having a party at the ice rink for my 2 girls, has anyone done this and was it a success?

I just remember queueing for ages for public sessions and then not having much time to skate when we went years ago.

Are parties any different? What was the food like? For £20 a head, would I be better to just take a group and pay the walk up entry price then sort food ourselves, either at the rink cafe or elsewhere?

Or have you had a party there which was a disaster?

Any experiences welcomed as I can only find 1 party review on tripadvisor and we're not super local so haven't had any friends that have had a party there.

Thank you

OnePlusOneMakesMoreThanTwo Fri 05-Jan-18 09:11:51

Hi there,

My daughter had an ice skating party for her 7th birthday (a year ago). It was at the Oxford Ice Rink. They got 30 mins with a party host on a seperate bit of the ice rink (for games, mini lesson), then 30 minutes joining the public session. An adult can accompany each child as part of the package. Then we had about an hour in the party room for food and games. There were different food options, but we went with the cold sandwich box thing and took our own cake. We were very happy with it and would recommend. Only thing I would say is that it's worth trying to speak to your party host beforehand to see what that they plan / what you want to do for the 30 minutes with them on the ice as it varies from party host to party host. Also, parking on site - keep the duplicate, show it to the front desk and you get a partial refund. HTH

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