Moving to Eastbourne - reccomendations needed!

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laila234 Tue 02-Jan-18 20:59:09

My other half recently got a job in Brighton. We currently live in Surrey where we rent a small 2 bed flat (because we can't afford to buy here!) We've been looking around brighton and surrounding areas and were immediately attracted to Eastbourne. I know there are good schools and my Dad and his family grew up there, I still have some family living there now too. We were all ready and raring to go when we realised this could finally be our opportunity to get on the property ladder and a proper family home more suited for our two boys. However our youngest son (4) was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in June so we put the house hunting on hold to concentrate and Noah while he underwent chemo. We also felt we needed all the support from friends we've made over the years and family close by at such a terrible time. We finally started looking again recently as things were looking up but after 6 months of chemo we were told 2 weeks ago the tumor had grown again and he needed his eye removed to remove the tumor. We're also still waiting to hear whether he needs more chemo to be sure the cancer cannot spread further inside his body.
He had his enucleation last week and its safe to say its been the hardest time of our lives. I dont want it to stop us living our life the way wanted but now I'm feeling like its never going to be the right time to move and uproot the kids from family and friends and school. All of a sudden I'm doubting our decision to move and worrying whether we'll be happy there and if I'll get the same sense of community or an equally brilliant school to meet noahs needs. The school they're at have offered such amazing pastoral care and been so supportive I'm scared to leave it behind after everything we've been through.
Is Eastbourne a nice place to bring up children? We're looking at Roselands area and old town as they're our favourites. Our boys are 4 and 6 atm and in reception and year 2. Any insight on family life in Eastbourne would be much appreciated.

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magimedi Tue 02-Jan-18 22:45:25

I can't give you a perspective from having a young family as DH & I are retired.

We moved to Eastbourne area 12 years ago & have never, ever regretted it. It really is a lovely place to live and is made so good by all the lovely people who live here.

Personally, I would favour Old Town over Roselands but I am not in your position............

Whatever you decide I hope all goes well for you & Noah. flowers

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