Lower Sunbury - help help help!

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Cookie4u Wed 10-Jan-18 23:18:09

Lower Sunbury is a nice area , but like most places you have good parts and bad parts , lots to do in the area . Shepperton upper halliford and charlton village are close by and good schools .

I've lived around Sunbury/lower Sunbury /Shepperton/Kempton
My whole life and I'm now bringing my children up in the area as welL.

Hope it goes well for you xx

KellyBird1980 Mon 01-Jan-18 22:18:28

Hi All,

Looking for some help and advice from anyone who knows Lower Sunbury.... My husband and I are looking to move to Lower Sunbury with our 2 and a half year old daughter and Im really anxious about moving to an area Im not really sure about.

We have been in Scotland for the past year and a half but before that we were living in Twickenham - house prices there are now far too expensive and we have heard some good things about Lower Sunbury.

As I mentioned, Im super nervous about the move and settling in to an area I know nothing about - in particular the street we are looking to buy in and the surrounding neighbourhood near Kempton Park (ish)

We have put an offer in on a house off French Street and while I hear only good things about Lower Sunbury as a whole, I think our preference was to be over the other side closer to Green Street and the village centre. Crazy me was looking to find out more about the area and came across the crime statistics for the street we have offered on and it seems like there have been quite a few instances of antisocial behaviour over the past few months which has rung major alarm bells!

Does anyone know what the French Street side is like? We are looking at moving to Bowater Gardens if this helps - would be grateful for any feedback or inside knowledge!!! xx

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