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Childcare reccomendations in newcastle please

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LoveFaithSushy Mon 01-Jan-18 11:44:59


Myself and my husband work for the NHS which include unsociable hours, holiays and weekends. We will be wokring opposite shifts when I go back to work full time, but we need to bridge the gap between our shifts with child care (No local family). Any reccomendations for reliable childminders, who work saturdays and during holidays? (Nursery not possible as we have varing shift patterns) .
Any advce would be appreciated from fellow health service workers.


KellySm Wed 14-Feb-18 15:05:34

Hi - whereabouts are you in Newcastle? A friend of mine had a similar situation (her and husband are Police officers and work shifts), and they found a nursery that would let them be flexible on days at nursery, as long they gave 4 weeks notice of the days their son would need to be at nursery. Obviously the nursery didn't provide care in the evenings, but I think they used a childminder for when they were both working at night..

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