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Grammer schools in High Wycombe

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Akhanmayo Sun 31-Dec-17 18:37:37

Ok so i am a little lost. I have read somewhere that a grammer school only take 40 percent of its intake that wasn't decided on the marks the student got.... any views you have?
Also how easy/likely is it to get into a grammer school in High Wycombe. Given the choice of living anywhere in around surrounding areas of London from East London to Reading, is there a preference of being in High Wycombe for grammer school?

DragonsLiveForever Sun 31-Dec-17 18:40:22

Not sure I understand your question- but you have to pass the 11 plus, then apply (and be in catchment) for the relevant school. Look at the school’s website

RunRabbitRunRabbit Mon 01-Jan-18 01:57:40

In Buckinghamshire approximately 30% of children go to grammar school. Almost all have taken the 11+ exam at the beginning of year 6 and attained a score of 121 or more (the "pass" mark).

Some children scoring just below 121 get through on appeal if they can show good academic performance and some reason why they performed badly on the day of the test (medically verified illness and family bereavement are the reasons I've seen as mitigating factors).

The grammar schools don't want children who can't keep up with the pace. It isn't good for the child, it isn't good for the school. So the idea that they would accept 40% who didn't make the grade seems unlikely.

A grammar does not make a person more clever. It cannot magic more IQ into a person. If a child is not a top achiever at primary then a grammar school in Bucks would be a disaster for them.

There are lots of fantastic community colleges (non-grammars for the 70% that don't "pass", i.e. most children).

So, Wycombe can definitely be OK for all.

What are your children like academically?

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