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Recommendations for dentists

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CosySnuggles Fri 29-Dec-17 11:07:31

Recently moved to Edinburgh and on the hunt for a good dentist for the family.

(Well primarily me as they all have irritatingly perfect teeth and gums! And me, not so much!)

Ideally, I'm looking for someone conservative in their approach who has alternatives to simply drill and fill.

Also dental implants are looming in my not to distant future so would be great if the same place could do that too.

Any recommendations?

I'm in the north west of Edinburgh but happy to travel

Many thanks x

coffeeCamelCase Fri 29-Dec-17 11:31:53

We've been very happy with Hope Park: which sounds as though it will suit you well in all respects except location. (Have most experience with Grace Leek, who is great - calm, reassuring and rational - but have some experience with and recommendations for the others there too.) Welcome to Edinburgh!

CosySnuggles Fri 29-Dec-17 15:43:35

Thanks @coffeeCamelCase , I will certainly take a look. Thanks for the personal recommendation!

Has anyone any experience of Barron Dental on Ferry road-

Or Ivy dental?

Others I've had third hand recommendations.

irishe Fri 29-Dec-17 17:22:27

I recommend riccarton dental on heriot watt campus.

SciFiFan2015 Fri 29-Dec-17 17:30:09

Oh how I miss Hope Park Dental! Andrew was fantastic (we moved and they were too expensive). I highly recommend them though.

coffeeCamelCase Fri 29-Dec-17 18:21:25

Fwiw, my recommendation is based on being NHS patients.

Hoodie88 Fri 29-Dec-17 22:11:06

Barnton dental on Queensferry road. Ian ollerhead is very good and they do implants work. They are private though and not cheap!

kua Sat 30-Dec-17 00:06:49

Garth McAlpine, Great Stuart Street. Fantastic dentist, both NHS and private. Great dentist, NOT a drill and filler. First dentist I have ever truly trusted.

vintagebella Sat 30-Dec-17 10:13:32

I can recommend ivy dental. I recently moved to Edinburgh and hadn't been to a dentist for nearly 20 years! They sorted me out with no judgement and no pain and I was clearly a very anxious patient.

vintagebella Sat 30-Dec-17 10:14:17

I was NHS but they do private and also specialise in implants

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Sat 30-Dec-17 10:16:20

Other side of town for you but I really rate south side dental. All the dentists are really nice and brilliant with kids too. Can't recommend them more highly.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Sat 30-Dec-17 10:21:41

Oops, pressed post too soon. South side do NHS, and my dentist went to great lengths to save a very tricky tooth for me when I know other dentists would just whip it out. They're also good at talking through all private vs nhs options for work.

I used to be terrified of the dentist, but I'm very comfortable there. The dentists are all very personable too.

CosySnuggles Sat 30-Dec-17 16:53:04

Thanks everyone, lots of great recommendations! Should like there are a lot of good dentists in Edinburgh which is fabulous! And we'll done @vintagebella for going to the dentist after so long. That along must have been scary.

I have had rather mixed experiences in the past so am a bit scared hesitant!

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