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BackHome Fri 12-Jan-18 20:59:27

Along time ago my hubby and I used to play in a very friendly club at comberton village college. I think it was called shuttles. If it's still running, might b worth checking out - it was friendly and although some good players, most of us just played for fun once a week or every fortnight.

unicornfarts Wed 10-Jan-18 18:38:33

ooh - i'd like to and i'm in trumpington too....

RachelPC Wed 10-Jan-18 13:52:36

I would like to play badminton as well but I live in Trumpington sad

azsuzs Wed 27-Dec-17 08:10:33

Is there anyone here who is close to Cambourne and would like a badminton buddy? I'd love to play badminton for fun but have nobody to play it with.
Please, let me know if you are interested.
Thank you.

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