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Nice family friendly hotel between Walsall and Solihull?

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Namechanger2015 Thu 21-Dec-17 21:38:31


I am visiting friends in the Midlands over Xmas and will have my 3 daughters with me.

I would like a hotel between Walsall and Solihull. I’ll be checking in fairly late evening and then leaving the following morning but if they have a pool then the DDs would love a swim before we go.

Any recommendations?

If no pool that’s fine, I would like to spend approx £100 or less and would like one room for us all.

Thanks I’m advance smile

Thishatisnotmine Fri 22-Dec-17 09:10:28

Do you mean Walsall and Solihull? Because they are quite a distance apart and separated by Birmingham.

Namechanger2015 Fri 22-Dec-17 10:30:34

Hiya, yes I do - I am visiting a friend in solihull first and then will stay in a hotel somewhere (do not want to go into Birmingham City Centre) and then we will drive to Walsall friends in the morning.

Just wondered if anyone had and child friendly recommendations really.

TheHandmaidsTail Fri 22-Dec-17 18:08:12

I'd stay in either Walsall or Solihull. not between. You could literally be anywhere, it's a massive area.

Solihull would be your best bet I think for Hotel with pool, or I'm Sutton Coldfield, and you can get to both from mine grin in which case Moor Hall is nice with a pool and spa.

Caulk Sat 23-Dec-17 12:43:31

I’d stay in Solihull or Sutton Coldfield. You’ll have all of birmingham to searh hotels of otherwise!

MollyHuaCha Sat 23-Dec-17 22:10:38

New Hall - Sutton Coldfield
Moor Hall - Sutton Coldfield

Both v nice, esp New Hall. Not sure of prices.

melissasummerfield Sun 24-Dec-17 09:43:40

If you dont want to stay at expensive spa hotels have a look at the village hotels , there is one in walsall and solihull and have pools and gyms and decenf food / coffee concessions

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