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Prior Heath or Heather Ridge??

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Cheviot Wed 20-Dec-17 22:23:39

Help!! I'm looking for info/advice from parents of children that go to Prior Heath infants or Heather Ridge infants. My DD starts sept 2018 and I need to make a decision asap. From all that I can gather PH is very academic but quite cold feeling, whereas HR is not at all academic but very friendly. I was really hoping for academic and friendly! I live right next to HR and my DD attends Heatherside preschool, where the majority of her class will be going to HR. But when I visited HR it was all a bit chaotic and their KS1 results are far below PH. My head says PH is the better school as she will get the better start academically but I really want her to be happy (obviously) and am worried it will be quite a hard school - strict etc. Shes fairly shy and will go in not knowing anyone. Please help! In desperate need of some insight from current/former parents at the schools.

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