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MancUnicorn Wed 20-Dec-17 15:35:07

Hi all,

I'm having my baby in Glasgow, but I'm not really from the area and I certainly don't know any parents around here (I am a student). I have been told I will be having my baby at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital. So far I've had two scans and a midwife appointment there and I like it, but I just wanted to know if people had a pleasant (however pleasant it can be anyway) birthing experience here? Do they offer birth pools as well? - I have yet to decide a birth plan I just want to research my options first.

Many thanks x

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aaahhhBump Wed 20-Dec-17 19:26:09

Yes they have birthing pools. Been to both hospitals. Prefered the after care in the royal and the pre care in the southern.

But it is your choice which hospital.

RainbowWish Wed 20-Dec-17 19:41:06

I had a miscarriage confirmed at the southern. And went on to have my ds at the princess royal.
The southern were the most uncompassionate people I have ever met.
Princess royal the staff are lovely. It's clean and the staff are happy to help with breast feeding support etc
I had a c section and it went great.
Good luck and I hope everything goes well flowers

MancUnicorn Wed 20-Dec-17 21:06:51

Thank you both [smiley]

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Amandas3girls Thu 15-Feb-18 17:46:12

I had all of my 3 kids at the Princess Royal. They were absolutely fantastic. My second pregnancy was with twins who came 9 weeks early. The midwives made it so much easier for me and my family they could not have been more caring and understanding.That was a few years ago though but i am sure it is still as good.

Good luck

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