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5 yr old still in nappies and aggressive behaviour

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ouseotter4030 Sun 17-Dec-17 19:14:29

Dear moms dads,
Please , i need some advice , My son is 5 and a half and still asks for nappies when doing a poo, He goes to the loo normmally for wee but insists on putting on a nappy just before he does a poo. We have tried incentives nappy books, potty, etc. He will sit on the potty but only with his nappy on. He seems terrified of sitting on the toilet without a nappy , I have had advice from a nurse who told us dont rush him etc but we are worried he will still not use the toilet for poo when he is 5 or 7 ! He also displays very aggresive behaviour, throwing things, threatening us, kicking, punching saying horrible things, He is fine at school , its just with us, Apart from these aggressive phases he is a lovely boy and helps everybody. I have spoken to a GP here in york and they said that they would contact a health visitor or psychologist but that was 6 weeks ago and we haven't heard anything, We are really worried about our son but it seems so difficult to get help support or advice in YORK, We both have low incomes but we are contemplating paying a private child pshycologist. any advice please! thanks so much

prettywhiteguitar Mon 18-Dec-17 16:23:58

They have a lovely child psychology department at york university, it's worth contacting them ? They may have reasonable fees too.

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