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Moving to Eastbourne area with kids

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myeverest Fri 15-Dec-17 20:51:50

I’ve just been offered a job in Eastbourne, probably due to start spring / summer time. I’ve been living in Northern Ireland for the past 19 years, so this is a big move for us. I have two kids, age 5 & 7. My hubby is now looking for work in the area too, and I’m hoping something will come up sooner rather than later. I have family near Brighton, and I lived there as a student, but I don’t know much about the Eastbourne area. I’d be really grateful if anyone can advise on safe and pleasant places in / around Eastbourne to live that have good primary schools nearby (preferably not split site so my kids can both go to the same school when we move), and some reasonable outdoor space nearby. Just a good location to bring up a family really, with a bit of community spirit so we can get to know people when we move!


JoJoSM2 Sat 16-Dec-17 12:21:50

DH went to school in Eastbourne and we still visit. I think that the Meads area is really lovely for families but quite pricey.

myeverest Sat 30-Dec-17 16:36:10

Thanks. Meads comes up a lot on the recommendations and we are definitely keeping it in mind as an option - affordability allowing. We’re also considering Polegate - to keep job options open for DH (who may need to travel around the south east for work) and to make it easier to visit family in London & also Portslade. It looks like there’s a couple a good schools around there too (on paper, at least). Any thoughts on this area?

pilates Sun 31-Dec-17 10:48:30

Willingdon area, it has a good primary and secondary school.

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