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MBell7811 Thu 14-Dec-17 23:32:28

Hello, new heregrin
I'm looking to move to Hertfordshire as I have family in Cuffley, Enfield and Cheshunt and a house has come up on Hoddesdon. What is Hoddesdon like to live in? I have 2 children(2 and half and 1), and will be staying down there so schools are an interest and I want to live in a safe area. So if Hoddesdon doesn't tick the boxes, I'm prepared to wait for a another house, in another area. Train links aren't a concern right not, but I will be going to college, then university down there as a mature student next year. So any insight will be very helpful

Abby100xx Thu 21-Dec-17 23:59:21

Hey i live in broxbourne so 5-10 min drive to hoddesdon and I'm there most days shopping, it's ok there i wouldn't say rough or dangerous, obviously there's crime occasionally but I'd say it's a good area - not too busy just right really, the towns got a lot of supermarkets and shops, cafes etc and the train from rye house is on the Hertford east to Liverpool Street line so fairly accessible xx

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