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Anyone’s child taking 11+ exams at Manchester and Cheshire independents

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LadyLovelace Thu 14-Dec-17 20:39:51

I have a DD taking 11+ exams at Manchester High, Cheadle Hulme and Stockport Grammar this January. This process is all new to us and although DD is bright she’s had no interest in prepping for these tests despite wanting to go. We live in Bramhall and our secondary school isn’t great at the moment so I’m keen for her to pass one. We’re closest to Stockport but if she gets offers it will be her choice.
I thought this thread could be hand holding over the next few weeks and also hoping someone knows more than me. grin
Does anyone know if the schools can see whether she’s been offered the other schools iyswim? And whether the other schools have offered her the music scholarship she’s applied for? Thanks

zanuda Wed 20-Dec-17 15:31:55

My friend's kids were taking exams, the younger - last year. Everybody in the kids' classes, who wanted not a state schools were doing some sort of tutoring for at least a year in advance. At the point where you are now, she should be able to get mocked (old) papers done at more then 95%.

As for whether the schools exchange information - I have no idea, but somehow I doubt it...

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