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Can anyone recommend a good divorce solicitor in the Cambridge area?

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Motherof2pearls Thu 14-Dec-17 17:17:56

Can anyone recommend a good divorce solicitor in the Cambridge area?

I wonder if any of you can suggest a good divorce solicitor in the Cambridge area? I intend to divorce my husband as I have recently found out he has restarted his relationship with his former ex mistress. Not an ex anymore it seems. Perhaps I shouldn't have taken himback in the first place…

I'd be grateful for any suggestions, I'm new to all this malarkey and any help and advice would be gratefully received. My husband is a high earning individual with a lot of assets. I have mostly been a housewife throughout a long marriage and have two children, well adults, 18 and 19. I don't think my husband will make it easy for me at all, he's not the type…

Sadiedog Fri 15-Dec-17 00:22:30

I’m afraid I have no recommendations but just wanted to say I hope you’re ok and best of luck with the divorce.

rightsofwomen Fri 15-Dec-17 13:32:15

Have pm'ed you OP.

ConstantStruggler Fri 15-Dec-17 16:41:07

Could you please pm me too rightsofwomen? I'm in similar situation but with younger children.

rightsofwomen Fri 15-Dec-17 23:35:56

Yes, when I am on laptop.

rightsofwomen Mon 18-Dec-17 07:05:36



Allthebestnamesareused Wed 03-Jan-18 18:45:43

Jackie Jessiman at Woodfines

Motherof2pearls Sat 06-Jan-18 20:50:16


Just wondering why you recommend Jackie. I’m about to press the button on divorce so this suggestion might be timely. Many thanks in advance for your kind consideration in replying to my original response. Best wishes

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