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LocalEditorMerton Thu 14-Dec-17 11:42:29

Lushtums Pregnancy Yoga classes are welcoming and friendly - everyone is welcome. Most people are brand new to yoga when they join us for pregnancy classes but quickly find they take to it really easily.

Classes help you prepare for birth and meet other mums-to-be. We always include Birth Breathing techniques to help you during labour; offer a range of physical movements and poses to help relieve common pregnancy ailments; offer practices to strengthen the body or increase flexibility; and ways to calm the mind; plus, a fantastic guided relaxation with mediations at the end. It really is an all-round and comprehensive approach, bringing the best in nourishing yoga together with the latest in scientific evidence about pregnancy and birth.

We incorporate antenatal education in our classes and all classes are tailored to meet your needs, so every class will be a little bit different to suit you as pregnancy progresses. Classes are suitable from 15 weeks to full term. If you are familiar with yoga or have experience with other physical practices such as dancing or Pilates and feel very body aware and need to move, you may be able to join our classes earlier, just check with your doctor or midwife and then contact the teacher in your area directly.

Sleep well - classes really do help you have a better night's sleep.
Relax - reduces stress, anxiety and help with depression and fears.
Time out for YOU - calm your mind and balance your emotions.
Stay fit and strong during your pregnancy - being healthy helps you and your baby.
Feel great - yoga gives your immune system a boost and relieves many common pregnancy ailments, such as back ache, heart-burn, constipation, insomnia, sciatica and SPD.
Learn key coping strategies for birth - including how to breathe, move and relax during labour and birth.
Help your baby into the OFP - key movements help babies into the 'optimal foetal position' which in turn can help facilitate smoother births.
Connect with your baby (babies!) - and take time out to enjoy being pregnant!
Share your experiences in a welcoming and supportive space - it is important to be heard with all the ups and downs our journeys take us on.
Make friends - meet other lovely mamas-to-be in your local area, build your network of support and friendship by connecting in with others in your community.

For more information please contact Emma via email ( or phone (07581 336458).

LushTums currently holds pregnancy yoga classes at The Quaker Centre (Fairfield East, Kingston) on Mondays and Tudor Hall (Tudor Drive, North Kingston) on Thursdays. Saturday classes will be held in a venue (TBC, Canbury Gardens) from New Year 2018.

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