Thinking of moving out of Bristol. Advice please!

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ShipShapeandBristolFashion Tue 12-Dec-17 09:06:29

Hi there
I would like some advice please. My husband and I are planning (desperate!) to leave Bristol after 15 years here. We want fresh air, more space, less noise and great dog walks - the usual.
We both need to commute to Bristol. We've visited Taunton and felt it was too far away and too congested, and we've finally accepted that Weston may never become a 'thing'! So we are set on Clevedon - we've been visiting for years and love it. It offers everything we are after. But from another thread on here I have discovered Wotton-under-Edge and am considering it as a possibility. We can get SO much more for our money there (something around the £370k mark). Can anyone shed any light on Wotton please? And can anyone give any thoughts on Clevedon v's Wotton?
I'd say we are pretty middle-of-the-road people (a glowing review)! We are not super-lefty, but are more left-leaning than right. We have lived in Bristol for so long we have a 'city' outlook and have in the past loved the hippy-dippy side of Bristol, but are now starting to get really sick of it! But we wouldn't be happy with full on curtain-twitching Tory-ville. Schools aren't a consideration for us. We need a decent couple of pubs/coffee shops/maybe a restaurant, and great walks for our dog. My husband would love to join a boardgames club and I'd like to meet people too - through a choir or crafting club (or something of that nature). Also, it's vital that we have fast Broadband.
With either town, my plan is to get a SmartCar and drive to the train station (Yate for Wotton, Yatton for Clevedon) as I work right behind Temple Meads.
Any views or advice would be much appreciated. We don't want to rent - we want to buy (we own now) and so really don't want to get this wrong! Thanks all smile

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