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Christmas present suggestions local to Cambridge?

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Uninspirednamewise Mon 11-Dec-17 21:12:58

Just wondering whether anyone who knows Cambridge has any bright ideas. My sister, who lives in Cambridge having moved there relatively recently, doesn't want "stuff" for Christmas. For her birthday I bought Friends of the University Botanical Gardens membership for her and her partner, so that they could visit whenever rather than pay each time. I think that was a good choice . I was just wondering whether anyone has any bright ideas for similar types of present local to Cambridge. (Don't know Cambridge myself.) Could be a nice place to visit for which annual membership would be worthwhile. Could be a nice meal in restaurant if there's a way of buying as a Christmas gift, eg by buying a voucher. Budget £60-£100 Any ideas appreciated!

Biscuitsneeded Mon 11-Dec-17 21:29:18

Does she like the theatre? You can probably get gift vouchers for the Arts theatre and then she could choose something she really likes whenever it takes her fancy. Or membership of the Arts Picturehouse (nice cinema)?

Biscuitsneeded Mon 11-Dec-17 21:29:50

Or a gin tasting at the Gin Lab?

Lookingtothehighlands Mon 11-Dec-17 23:55:56

National Trust membership would give her access to Wimpole Hall, Anglesey Abbey, Wicken Fen.
Or scudamores (punting) do bat safaris in the summer or ghost tours.

Aftershock15 Tue 12-Dec-17 11:30:10

Scudamores also do annual tickets which I think fall within budget.

Duxford season passes if they like planes.

Playdohnut Tue 12-Dec-17 13:48:26

Afternoon tea voucher for Fitzbillies?

RosieOnTheRooftop Tue 12-Dec-17 14:24:25

Cambscuisine have a handful of nice Cambridge restaurants (and a couple in villages outside) and they do gift vouchers:

DorothyParker111 Tue 12-Dec-17 18:23:23

Gift voucher for Cambridge Cookery School courses (highly recommended):

1000piecepuzzle Tue 12-Dec-17 18:41:58

Slightly more than your budget but Midsummer House (Daniel Clifford) do a 5 course lunch menu for £68.50 per person. Depends how much they are into pretentious food and websites!

Allthebestnamesareused Tue 12-Dec-17 20:16:25

Harriet's Tea Rooms do gift vouchers for each of their teas which come in "ration books".

Aqua Sana at Elveden Center Parcs do 2 for 1 offers on their spa days (only 30 minutes away).

Meerkat Experience nearby at Stretham.

healthyheart Tue 12-Dec-17 21:36:25

Some great ideas. Scudamores go all year around - chauffeur Punt up the Cam and you are given hot water bottles and blankets! Get themselves a hot chocolate or coffee to take on board and they’d be well away on a crisp winter day!

RosieOnTheRooftop Tue 12-Dec-17 23:01:29

Dorothy’s suggestion is a great idea if she likes cooking.

DorothyParker111 Wed 13-Dec-17 12:11:13

Membership of Cambridge Past Present and Future: . Or a place on one of their courses, for example:

marmee Fri 15-Dec-17 12:26:22

gift vouchers for Cambridge Uni public courses at Madingley Hall?

Uninspirednamewise Sun 17-Dec-17 13:00:19

Wow! Thank you for all the suggestions, and sorry for taking so long to reply. I'd better get on and decide on something!

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