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Moving to Lancaster - advice needed please

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DRinger Mon 11-Dec-17 12:39:39

Looking at moving to Lancaster and came cross this thread so hoping still some activity on it... any recommendations welcome lease in terms of areas. Is there much difference north v south of the river? and what are they? got an 11 year old so secondary school age. Want to be close ish to centre if possible but hubby travels so needs to get to m6 in 10-15 mins if possible too. have lived in cities and towns so don't want too small a village ideally. We've seen a few properties but not sure of areas... seem to be either down towards Bowerham south or north heading towards ryelands park type area?

Walkingdead11 Mon 11-Dec-17 18:07:18

Bowerham is nice but very expensive and student filled!! The area around Rylands park is ROUGH, avoid Rylands estate and the Vale estate like the plague! There is am area near there called St Chads which is okay. The traffic in Lancaster is absolutly horrific so maybe look at Bare, or Higher Heysham where you can access the new bypass.

Walkingdead11 Mon 11-Dec-17 18:08:44

South Lancaster is generally nicer but you get more for your money north of the river.

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