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Enfield retail park parking fine

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Meissa Tue 05-Dec-17 21:01:19

Any advices please
As I go shopping in brent cross for the whole day and this's never happened to me
Well I've parked in the retail park last week from 12 Pm until 5 pm
I went shopping from next ,sport direct, boots and toys us
My car after didn't want to start , so I had to wait for my husband to come he was in central London
He charged my battery etc...
So to day I received a fine saying that I over stayed and is a private land, and maximum stay is 3 hours 😲😲
Who on earth can finish Christmas shopping in 3 hours on a Saturday and also my car was broking down
Can I appeal or I will end up by paying the full bloody 70£
There is no one there to let them know about the situation
Ant one been in my situation before please advice
Thank you in advance

Gery78 Fri 08-Dec-17 07:27:48

Hi I’ve not been in your situation but you need to appeal to them to explain that you needed a jumpstart and see what happens. Usually there is time for you to appeal.

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